SIE has a long-standing experience in parcel and baggage sorting systems. The quality of the installations and the reliability of its service have been chosen by different national and international airports like Rome ADR, Zurich FZAG, Geneva and Islamabad.

The company has been chosen also by two of the most important international couriers like Amazon and DHL.

The main interventions concern the supply of power and control cables, wires, the mechanical assembly of conveyor belts and of the sorting system and the related electrical dressing.

The technical department develops, studies and analyse the characteristics of each plant in order to adopt the most suitable technologies, showing a 360° knowledge of the field.

Besides the installation activities and the put in service, SIE plans the field electric engineering for EPC contracts and the consequent supply of the power and automation switchboards, doing the operations in the headquarter of Genoa.

The planning, the supply and the assembly of the light metal carpentry structures that support the machineries complete its rich offer.



Parcel Sorting System

In summer 2019, SIE carried out the electromechanical assembly of Amazon Manchester’s new sorting facility: MAN8.

Thanks to the work of around 80 mechatronics technicians SIE was able to finish the work in time, in about 6 months, respecting the final client’s and UK Regulations’ high-quality standards in terms of security, quality and certifications of the installations.

The success of SIE’s work on the Parcel Sorting System of MAN8 shows its reliability as partner.


Baggage Handling System

Between July 2020 and February 2021, SIE has installed the new Early Baggage System (EBS) of Zurich Airport, the automatic luggage storage system.

The installation activities have involved three different disciplines: the supply, the planning and the assembly of carpentry structures that support the conveyor machinery, the mechanical assembly and the electrical dressing.

The success of its work, gained thanks to the respect of the timing and the quality of the installations, has allowed SIE to be involved in other modernization activities of the sorting systems of the entire airport with the use of around 40 units.