SIE makes the supply and the installation of the machine electro-instrumental facility (cable trays, wires, electric switchboards for power and control, instrumentation with electrical and process connections) on board rotating machineries (turbines and compressors).

Its offer includes also solutions for E&I setting – ups in the building process and power distribution modules for small, medium and large scale plants.
Thanks to the technologies supplied, the company offers different services based on the type of modules and blocks, like, for example, the ones related to security with the installation of general facilities like: HVAC, fire detection, access control, CCTV, sound diffusion and instrumentation.

However, it can take care of power plants in BT and MT, with the installation of power transformers, MCC electrical panels, light and power plants, control and automation panels, UPS with auxiliary generators and batteries and electrical tracking systems.

Each plant is created following rules related to the classification of geographical areas. Typical examples of this realisation are machine facilities, cabinets, modular substations and large tool modules.




Modules and Blocks

From 2016 to 2018 SIE cooperated with Skema SPA making a series of installations E&I at Yard Skema and Yard Piomboni, located in the plant of the industrial group Rossetti Marino in Ravenna.

For the realisation of the equipment, developed together with the client, a broad spectrum of technologies was used starting from the MT plants, the installation of GIS 110 kV to the supply and the assembly of HVAC and technological installations.


Calcasieu Pass

SIE in Consorzio Tirreno S.C.R.L with RAM Power Srl, carried out the erection of electro-instrumental plants on board of nine Blocks for Venture Global LNG Calcasieu Pass, addressed to regasification plants of natural gas in Louisiana (United States).

Between 100 and 200 workers were involved with 15 designated figures which worked constantly with the management, with the aim of guaranteeing to the client high standards in terms of quality and security.