The electrical and instrumental activities of erection, revamping and maintenance of installations for port cranes have always been SIE’s main feature.
SIE follows the entire work process, starting from the feasibility assessment of the project, the fee estimate, the planning, the assembly of the machinery to the tests done with its own certified equipment and the ignition.

The company supplies electrical plants for STS (Ship to Shore), RTG (Rubber Tired Gantry) and RMG (Rail Mounted Gantry) cranes, from the delivery in medium and low voltage of power and sensing distribution: control cabinets, cable trays, wires, PLC machine automation and supervision, motor drives and on board sensors.

The most recent realisations have involved the upgrade of drives and automation PLC for Portainers and the insertion of electronic security systems for Transtainers, with the supply and the installation of the equipment and the operating logics.
The experience gained on port cranes has permitted to extend the field of action even on industrial overhead cranes and on lifting machine for naval and offshore.

Another service offered by SIE in the naval sector is the installation of systems of electrification of the quays for auxiliary power supply of the ship during the stop at the port (cold ironing), from the delivery point of energy to the shore power.

The company takes care of the maintenance of the dock machine through digitalised systems of governance and it is a reliable partner for the most important operators of harbour terminals.


PSA Sinport Genova Prà

Maintenance, revamping and analysis

Thanks to the work of a staff composed of 35 workers, SIE is responsible for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance service for PSA Sinport Genova Prà, the most important terminal installation in the port of Genoa and in the upper Tyrrhenian Sea.

SIE guarantees the use of the following machines 24 hours: 20 ERTGs, 10 RTGs, 3 RMGs, 10 STS.
They are involved in the maintenance activity of the electrical and mechanical equipment and of the gears of the machines (spreaders, cages).

Specialised technicians, chosen specifically to keep the information system of the terminal updated, analyse possible anomalies and malfunctions with the aim of establishing predictive maintenance criteria and the abatement of the time of the machine downtime. Moreover, the company actualizes measures for the analysis of the quality of the energy in order to optimize the consumption of the machine and the cost of providing by the supplier.

The technical and automation department intervenes in the extra activities of revamping, integration of new machine systems, insertion of electrical measures and implementation concerning the control logics of the cranes.

Ignazio Messina SPA

Maintenance and revamping

Thanks to the contribution of around 12 people, SIE takes care of the maintenance service of the machinery for Ignazio Messina. The machinery is composed of four STS and two RMG guaranteeing their functioning 24 hours and seven days a week.

The maintenance activity is about the electrical and mechanical systems and the equipment of the machines (spreaders, cages). The service is supplied with the assistance of a maintenance proprietary system based on the software “Idus” and through the use of a palmtop for the maintenance technicians.

It has carried out many extra activities: the revamping of the machines with the substitution of the motor drives (ABB, Nidec ASI) and the logics of programmable logic controllers (GE, ABB), the supply enlightening dock plants and telecommunication between machines and operative stations.

Moreover, the technical and automation department intervenes in exceptional circumstances also in the integration of new machine systems, for the execution of electrical measures, and for the implementations about the control logics of the cranes.