Thanks to a long-standing experience, SIE is specialised in the field of process automation with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).

The automation of systems for blast furnaces, coking plants, annealing ovens, transport materials and mining is obtained through the use of labels like Rockwell, Siemens, Abb, Schneider, Omron, General Electric.

Its activity is also about the automation landscape of compressors, welding torches, automatic parking systems for motorcars and port cranes.

SIE builds electric switchboards for power and control, it develops the automation logic, produces control and supervision systems and the process instrumentation. It’s a long-round intervention, that goes from the budgeting to the put in service and the production final tests.

Another company’s priority in this industry is the maintenance, every machinery has detailed and intuitive records.



Cranes of dock

In 2018 SIE carried out for IGNAZIO MESSINA SPA the update of the automation and motor control system of two Ship To Shore Techint cranes of dock.

The company substituted the system of automation entirely and supplied and installed the motor control drives of translation, the beam, the portal and the lifting. Moreover, it was arranged the automation software and the new machine supervision system.   

The work involved not only the quay cranes, SIE did this kind of intervention on two RMG, installing a new automation and machine control system and updating the motor drives.


Automatic parking system

SIE planned an automatic parking system for residential use from a structural, mechanical, electrical and automation standpoint.

The underground system, created for a residential complex, has a capacity of 38 parking spaces, entrance and picking up of the vehicle from a unique point of access, in a volume of about 50x6x6.

Through an equipment composed of 14 magnet motors, the machine - “a noria” type - collects the vehicles automatically. The car owner, instead, at the time that he or she has to pick it up can use a simple RFID key. In addition, the machine is governed by an Omron programmable controller and by a motor SEW command system, that basing itself on power DC busses, carries out energy saving algorithms.