SIE offers solutions for the installation of technological plants both in the industrial and civil sector by following step by step every stage of the production: from the feasibility assessment, the estimation and the planning to the supply, the assembly and the tests.

The distribution, lighting and power output systems are realised by supplying electrical panels and support carpentries to the plant (basements control cabinets, supports of cable trays) and the wires, from the delivery in medium voltage to the utility.

Moreover, SIE is involved in the production of air conditioning systems and in the installation of small, medium and large scale Local Equipment Rooms (LERs). They are monitored by:

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and supervision systems (SCADA),
  • industrial network systems and Information Technology,
  • fire detection and extinguishing systems,
  • gas detection systems
  • closed circuit television (CCTV).

The totality of these activities is managed through an internal and external planning.

Among its different skills, SIE has also the ability to analyse the quality of energy resolving the problems linked to the presence of grid harmonics.

The knowledge gained in the technological plants – initially applied only to the industrial sector – are extended also to the civil one, which is studied and analysed in detail for the technical installation of apartment blocks, labs, technical rooms, offices, control rooms, exhibition sites and residential units.



Supervision system

SIE took care of the supervision system of the installation of SGS’ headquarter of Genoa whose surface is 1200 square metres. The supplying involved the building of lighting and fire detection systems, the driving force, the HVAC and the CCTV with its relating devices, machines and detectors.

The company supplied and installed an air treatment unit for labs and for offices, the aurelic ducts, a refrigeration unit and a furnace. Moreover, it dealt with the suction controlled by the hoods of the testing laboratories and with the supplying of the installation of technical gases and the line of the gas from the dispenser. SIE offered a complete project of the installation taking care of the administrative practice for the authorisation with the supervisors of the fluids and the lighting and the firefighters.

The low-voltage distribution panels were built in the factory of Genoa. In addition, SIE took care of the supervision and control systems composed of a Siemens’ programmable controller through the execution of the putting into service of the plant with the supplying to the client of an exhaustive documentation in order to guarantee an easy after-sales maintenance.

The business goal is quality, accomplished thanks to a work studied in detail.

ABB headquarter - Genoa

Set-up of technological plants and power supply for testing laboratories and converters for rail application

SIE supplied and installed ten testing laboratories for power converters in ABB’s headquarter of Genoa.

The set-up involved the supplying of the structures of the low-voltage power system, the power and control electrical panels, the distribution to the desks, the telecommunications network, the lighting system and driving force and fire detection system.