SIE assembles stands and installations for trade fairs. Its area of intervention is wide since it takes care of the supplying of the lighting system, the motive power distribution systems, the electric switchboards for distribution and HVAC, CCTV and fire detection and shutdown systems.

The stands are pre-fitted, of standard dimension and configuration in the catalogue. Every installation has a customised design created by exhibitors and architectural firms specialised in the industry.

The speed of the installation and the dismantling and a remarkable level of finish are the most important characteristics of its activity. Among these features there is also the attention to security standards, that has the aim of safeguarding the workers involved during the phases of the preparation of the setting up and the stages of protection of spectators’ safety during the visits.


NOLOSTAND Fiera Milano

Setting up and finishing

SIE works for Nolostand Fiera Milano, following each step of the setting up of any kind of event, even of international level.

Specifically, it takes care of the assembly of small, medium and large scale stands for international exhibitions and the related structures, but also of the execution of the finishes and the dismantling at the end of the event.