SIE works in energy industry – both traditional and alternative and renewable – planning, installing and building electrical and instrumental systems.

The company takes care of the supply, the set up and the connection of high-voltage GIS plants and the distribution system in high and medium voltage, expanding these procedures also to the systems of conventional and cogeneration stations.

The interest in energy industry doesn’t involve only the operational activity, in fact SIE has partaken in the project MITICA, which has been included in the research program for nuclear fusion.



Cottbus Central

Between 2020 and 2021 SIE was ARGE Cefla-Atzwanger’s electro-instrumental partner, taking care of the assembly of four electrical 10MW and thermal 10MW cogeneration groups in the German Central of Cottabus.

The company has dealt with the supply and the installation of different components: from cable trays, supports and clamps and signal electrical cables in medium and low voltage, to the modification and the update of the cells in medium voltage with the insertion of new measurement groups and the assembly of electrical panels in low voltage.

It also supplied and installed the perimetral lighting plants on poles and emergency systems of the station.


Kremasta Power station

Nidec ASI relied on SIE for the substitution of the static exciter of the generator set 2 of Kremasta’s power station.

The substitution has involved different activities, including the handling and the laying of the exciter panel and of the transformer, the dismantling of existing panels and the installation of the synoptic panel. SIE’s intervention concerned also the supplies of the sections in BT and MT cables and the connections of the wires and the disconnection and dismantling of the brushes.